Rebekka Van Bockstal

With her new project, Rebekka Van Bockstal assembles eight musicians with different musical backgrounds. Because of the big instrumentation, Tadpole Evolution has a wide range of colors that is carefuly selected and orchestrated. The central theme of their compositions is based on growth, an element which they use to experiment with musical latitude, timbre and dynamics. In february 2017 the band recorded an EP, one of the songs can be listened online, the full EP is phisically available. Rebekka Van Bockstal (BE) ; guitar & compositions, Willem Suilen (NL) ; piano, Olivier Penu (BE) ; drums, Federico Stocchi (IT) ; double bass, Claire Parsons (LUX); voice, Flavio Spampinato (IT); voice, Nabou Claerhout (BE); trombone, Abel Jednak (FR); alto saxophone

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