Rebekka Van Bockstal

RVB Quartet; Rebekka (Guitar), Marius Couvreur (Drums), Ambroos De Schepper (Sax) and Kobe Boon (Double Bass) first started performing live in 2016. In February the band headed for the studio to record their first demo’s, you can hear the result of these recordings online. RVB Quartet mainly brings compositions by Rebekka, inspired by modern jazz-greats like Gilad Hekselman, Mark Turner, Wayne Shorter,… Call it Jazz-rock, Modern Jazz or Impro-jazz but know that this is the result of four musicians who, together, try to surprise themselves and the audience with moments of intelligence and originality. At the moment the band is working on their first full album, which will be released January 2018 on Solidude Records.



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