Rebekka Van Bockstal

Januari 2018

‘Crossing Dimensions’, the first album of RVB Quartet is out now! You can find the album on all major online music streaming services
you can order a physical CD here, at the webshop of Solidude Records or at one of the releaseconcerts/with the bandmembers.

Januari 2018

After the first release concerts in January/February, RVB Quartet Will be presenting ‘Crossing Dimensions’ in Lier,
the hometown of Rebekka, reserve your seats by mailing to Tickets are 7 euros/5 euros (-26)

December 2017

The release of ‘Crossing Dimensions’ is coming closer. 21st of january RVB Quartet will present their first album In Ghent (Afsnis).
More release concerts will follow in the weeks after. The Album will be for sale in some stores, on the Solidude Records webshop
and on all major online music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, … You can watch the teaser here.

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