Rebekka Van Bockstal

August 2018

The Guitarduo that is formed by Rebekka and Machiel Heremans has some exciting plans too look forward too,
the band will now continue as ‘No Wasabi’. Like the Facebookpage NoWasabi and stay updated about our upcoming gigs and recordings!

April 2018

Next week Tadpole Evolution Will be Back on the stage. For their concert at the Lier Jazz Festival the band invites Christian Mendoza on piano.
Pre-sale for this event is available at Noton, Café Goed voorbeeld and CC Lier. You can find the complete line-up and more info about the festival here.
On wednesday (2nd of May) Tadpole Evolution Will open the jam at Jester in Brussels.

March 2018

A solo-version of 'Moestuin' played on a beautiful steelstring, build by Luthier Johan Sarens now on youtube! Watch it here.

February 2018

Some weeks ago I’ve had the great opportunity to play on two guitars from luthier Johan Sarens.
On the teleaster-based model, I played ‘It Could Happen To You’ (Jimmy Van Heusen).
Everything has been recorded and you can watch the video here.
A second video where I play a Steelstring from Johan Sarens will follow. More about Luthier Johan Sarens.

January 2018

After the first release concerts in January/February, RVB Quartet Will be presenting ‘Crossing Dimensions’ in Lier,
the hometown of Rebekka, reserve your seats by mailing to Tickets are 7 euros/5 euros (-26)

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